Reasons Why Pills for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Do not Work

Surfing the web in search of customer’s feedback about one or another pill for curing erectile dysfunction, you will definitely stumble upon negative testimonials. However, to believe scientific investigations about the ways of treatment erectile dysfunction, ED pills are very efficacious drugs. Let’s find out why such drugs may not work and what patients should do to get the maximal result.

In fact, many men, taking pills for curing erection disorders, just take them incorrectly. If to believe the results of scientific investigations, we can make a conclusion that approximately 70% of men who complained about the inefficiency of pills like Cialis, Viagra or Levitra just took them incorrectly. The researchers created a unique program the aim of which is to teach patients to take these tablets correctly. Besides, many men do not get a professional consultation concerning the drug dosage.

More often people make the following mistakes:

1. The majority of patients expect a miracle from one pill.

Some men consider these drugs to be a magic wand. These pills will not give erection magically. Some of them forget that these pills will not act in case a man is not sexually aroused. If you want Cialis or Viagra to work; then remember, sexual stimulation is a must!

2. Take more than a minimal dosage.

In the majority of cases, men do not consult a healthcare provider before taking Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. They choose the drug they like and start self-medication with the minimal dose. Then, it doesn’t work, and they write negative testimonials and do not recommend these pills to any of their friends.

In fact, each man, taking ED pills, needs to know that in some instances, ED pills do not work for the first time. So, sometimes, the second attempt is required.

Besides, patients start from the lowest dosage and consider this dosage to be enough. However, in the majority of cases, pills start working at the higher dose. The minimal dosage is prescribed in case of specific health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension.

3. Take ED pills with energy food.

This is the most common mistake. Men take Cialis or Levitra after substantial dinner and expect to feel the effect in half an hour. If you take ED pills, try to avoid food that are high in fat for dinner. Otherwise, you will be made to wait for the effect longer. It is also not recommended to combine Cialis with alcohol.

4. Don’t wait until the drug acts.

This is the most common mistake. Men do not read the instruction and forget that regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction, one should wait until the drugs act. Besides, Cialis starts acting in 15 minutes but if you take Viagra, you will be made to wait for 40 minutes.

5. Patients get upset after the first attempt.

Having taken Viagra, a person didn’t feel the effect and considered all ED pills to be ineffective. However, if you don’t feel the effect after Viagra intake, it doesn’t mean that Cialis will not act. Each ED pill has different active components. So if one drug doesn’t bring the desired effect, try the other one.

So, you see that everything is not so wrong as it seems to be at first gaze. Erectile dysfunction is not a verdict. If handled correctly, the situation may change for the better.