The main reasons for the refusal: you hint her, but there is no sex!

There are cases when young people spend time together, like each other, and still, there is no sex between them. Mostly intimate relationships do not pass on sex because the guy does not correctly “ask,” or the girl is just not ready for sex.

Talk to her

The main reasons for the refusal: you hint her, but there is no sex!If she refuses you in sex, and you do not have an answer to the question “why?”; then, the first thing that comes to your mind (and this is the right decision) is to talk to her about this topic. You do not know the motives for her rejection (mother forbids having sex before the wedding, the ex-boyfriend broke up with her after a passing passion that cost her virginity, etc.), but a conversation with her will clarify the situation and outline ways to solve the problem. In what form it should be done (frank conversation, a game in the kind of questions or something else), the choice is yours.

She still treats you with caution

If you start on the right foot, make the right conversation and show perseverance; then, the girl, youThe main reasons for the refusal: you hint her, but there is no sex! and sex are united all in one. But, if you persuade a girl to have sex, then there is only one way that is to build your relationship on trust and mutual understanding and to wait. Success can be considered a situation where a girl begins to believe that your relationship with her is more than just sex. To achieve this, it is necessary not just to choose the correct Cialis dosage on the Internet; but, also make extra efforts to demonstrate your serious intentions towards her.

Do not make sudden movements

The absence of smooth transitions may frighten a girl; and therefore, make her shut. Thus, in your relations, everything should be consistent, without any sudden movements. Start with a kiss, and do not grab her right on the breasts, or other intimate places. The girl should be excited gradually, as if not noticing your presence. Such an art is similar to the work of a skillful pickpocket who, by enchanting her victim, takes her purse so that she does not even notice it.

Intimacy is one of the main topics in conversation

Conversations on special topics make people closer to each other. When you learn the secret desires of your girl, it will be easier for you to make any physical approach. So, knowing your preferences in sex, cannot be a far-fetched topic any longer. In mutual frank conversations on private matters, you can immediately determine what was done wrong, correct previous mistakes, come to a consensus, and make to your sex a giant step. But what is shown in porn movies, try to postpone to later terms.

You are refused – it does not matter

The first rejection is not an occasion for sadness. If a woman refuses you in sex; then, do not feel despair or get angry. Only the Olympic calm and your equanimity can save the situation. You need to agree with her that she is not yet ready for sex and accept it, at the beginning. And suddenly in half an hour, there will be a favorable moment and you will go on the second attempt. Then, you definitely need to buy Cialis online, it will quickly bring your tired friend into a state of alertness without any serious Cialis side effects.